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Learn How to Eliminate Scorpions from Your Home

Scorpions have a fierce and scary reputation that has lasted through the ages. With their powerful pincers, paralyzing venoms, and armor fortified with iron and zinc, these eight-legged pests belong to the Arachnid class, making them relatives to spiders.

Habitat and Food
Although they are most common and diverse in deserts, scorpions can live just about everywhere except continent Antarctica. All scorpions are venomous. They primarily prey on insects, arthropods, and in a few cases, vertebrates. However, as a result of self-defense, a scorpion is likely to paralyze humans. Most scorpion stings are not deadly, contrary to popular belief. Nevertheless, their stings are still excruciating, so it is best to avoid them. Scorpions possess unique characteristics uncommon for non-mammalian animals – they are viviparous, giving birth to young's that are alive rather than laying eggs. A young scorpion’s sting after molting is still as painful, paralyzing, or deadly as an adult’s. Hence, the necessity for scorpion eradication in your homes. How do you do this? Let’s find out.

How To Eliminate Scorpions In Your Home
While it can be pretty rare to have a scorpion crawl into your home, it is possible and has become more frequent in recent years. Nobody wants to come face-to-face or sometimes stinger-to-foot with a rogue scorpion that has wandered his way inside.
Most scorpions will only sting a human when they are disturbed. The problem is that scorpions are nocturnal hunters and will likely be in hiding during the day. So there’s a high chance you'll unknowingly provoke them in their hiding places when you come around. The venom from their stings can cause redness, swelling, pain, convulsions, and in significantly fewer cases, death.

  1. Identification:

To carry out scorpion elimination, as with other pests, you must first make a proper identification. Careless identification will lead you to wrong treatments and, further on, to loss of time and money. When identifying a scorpion, you’re looking for an arachnid with eight legs, two pincers, and a tail with a stinger. Most scorpions that invade homes are usually about 2.5 inches big.

  1. Inspection:

Inspection is the next step in proper scorpion eradication. Now that you know what a scorpion looks like, you can check around your property to confirm their presence. Before doing such an inspection, you should take the necessary precautions – wear thick gloves, long trousers, and boots.

When scorpions come around your home, they're often looking for accessible food sources, warm spots to rest, and covers to avoid weather. Places to look are in your bush, around your firewood, in cracks and crevices, underneath your home appliances, behind clutter in the garage, underneath sinks, in laundry, on curtains, in shoes lying on the floor, as well as other places. You can use a black light if you're conducting your inspection at night. This is because the exoskeletons of scorpions contain a substance in their hyaline layer that makes them fluoresce under UV light.

A proper inspection would ensure the correct direction toward scorpion eradication. An inspection doesn't have to be overwhelming for you. If you have made your identification, you can contact pest control professionals like Fromms Pest Control to help you with inspection and subsequent processes. The company provides concrete scorpion elimination with an assurance of no future re-infestation.

  1. Treatment:

Once you have confirmed scorpion activity after inspection, it is time to begin treatment. This stage of scorpion elimination can be complex. This is because scorpions are tricky to get rid of. This is due to their particularly tough carapaces. These tough carapaces are a result of thick cuticles in their shell. So scorpions may resist some chemical treatments. No need to worry, however, because some companies like Fromms Pest Control specialize in controlling pests like scorpions and will know precisely how to deal with them. The company has years of experience and expertise and is fully equipped to handle the issue appropriately. They can as well run the scorpion elimination process from beginning to end.

  1. Prevention:

As the saying goes, “ prevention is better than cure.” Even after treatment, the best way to stop scorpion activity is to ensure it doesn't happen. Since treatment can be unpredictable without the help of professionals, prevention is an important stage in eliminating scorpions.

The most important prevention is eliminating insects and other pests that are a source of food for scorpions. Fromms Pest Control can also handle this for you.

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