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Pest Control in Chandler Arizona

Pest Control in Chandler
As with the rest of the valley, Chandler has the same issues with roaches, ants, scorpions and many other pest that can invade your home. It’s best to have a licensed Chandler pest control company like Fromm’s Pest Control to come out help eradicate any type of infestation you might have.
Way back in 1891, Dr. Alexander John Chandler, who happened to be the first veterinarian surgeon in Arizona territory, settled on a ranch south of Mesa where he acquired 18,000 acres of land, which he named Chandler ranch.
He opened his townsite office in 1912, which consisted of three wooden shacks — the townsite office, dining, and grocery. This area where he settled was later named after him, and that's how Chandler got its name.
Been an irrigation engineering expert, he contributed his wealth of knowledge in building early canal systems in the area. His knowledge in science is also reflected in his ability to keep Chandler up and running — the buildings, walkways, and other facilities.

Chandler has a stunning history and site attraction
By the year 1913, Chandler was already boasting of its town center, which featured the historical Hotel San Macros. A vision doctor A.J Chandler had all along. The town center also featured a grass golf course which holds the record as the first of its kind in the state.
Chandler High school came along a year after in 1914, and the city got incorporated after several petitions flooded the Maricopa County board in February 1920. As you can imagine, Dr. Chandler was elected the first mayor of the city and president of the first town council.
After being incorporated as a city in 1954, post World War II, Chandler has experienced an exponential increase in population, and its borders have expanded. Agriculture has always been the economic driver of this jewel in the desert, but today, Chandler's economy is diversified to manufacturing and electronics.

Chandler population growth
The 2018 US census puts Chandler's population at 257,186 and the number is projected to hit 269,123 in 2021. The growth rate since 2010 is 13.98%, and that of 2020 is 1.50%. Sitting on a land area of 65.1 square miles and a density of 4132.50 per square mile, Chandler ranks as the fourth largest city in Arizona and 77th largest city in the United States.
Since the 1990s, Chandler's growth rate is renowned as one of the fastest cities in the country. Between 1980 and 1990, the population went up from 30,000 to 90,000 and the figures have been going north ever since.
Beaming Chandler's demographics, Chandler has a mixed racial composition, with white folks dominating the chart. Here is a sneak peek of Chandler's racial composition.
White (74.36%), Asian (10.73%), African American or Blacks (5.61%), Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (0.11%), Native Americans (1.66), and other races (3.10%). If you are looking for a dense suburban area to live in in Arizona, Chandler is your best bet. And you will love it there because the residents are amazing and the hospitality is excellent.

Chandler temperature
Chandler has a unique climate. The winter here can be teeth-chattering and summer sweltering. Annually, the year, the temperature ranges between 39 degrees Fahrenheit and 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

While temperatures can fluctuate to the extremes occasionally, it seldom goes below 31 degrees Fahrenheit or above 111 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot weather activities are best scheduled for late May and early July and late August to late September.
On average, the hot season in Chandler spans 3.7 months (from May 29 to September 18), with an average daily high temperature reaching 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the cold season spans from. November 20 to February 27 (3.2 months), with the coldest days ranging between 39 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Pleasant months of the year in Chandler are usually March, November, and February.

Fun things to do while in Chandler
Chandler is home to over 50 astonishing local parks. Tumbleweed Park, which is the largest park in the region, always warms visitors' and residents' hearts to "sparkly" fireworks displays.
A trip to the Chandler Museum and the Arizona railway museum will take you through a rich history of steam engines and ancient artifacts.

But that is not all.
In addition to all we have mentioned earlier, there are other activities to partake in Chandler. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • How would you like to go for a horse ride?

If you fancy horseback riding and would like to go out on a ride, a visit to the Koli Equestrian Center offer the best opportunity to take it out on the trails. While you are at it, you will also be treated to miles of picturesque scenery and truckloads of fun.

  • A trip to the Arizona Railway Museum will do you good

The Arizona railway museum will give you a sneak peek into history and how the folks in Chandler use to travel by rail. As such, making a trip to this site an ideal learning opportunity for visitors, especially kids.
Other fun experiences and site attractions Chandler has on the offering include the Chandler center for the arts, the wild horse pass Motorsport park, and the San Tan Mountain regional park.
It may interest you to know that Chandler is packed with historical landmarks that date back early 1920s. Some of these landmarks include the First National Bank building, which opened in 1920. The Espinoza's food center opened Jn 1957, and the McCullough-price house was built in 1938.
Then if you are keen on treating your taste buds to some of the best cuisines in Arizona, Chandler is gushing with tantalizing restaurants and eateries.

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