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Pest Control Services: Why You Find Their Services Necessary

Whether it be a home or a commercial space, any building will at one point have to deal with the presence of pests living within its structure. However, many are in the mindset that the services of a pest control specialist are ineffective or, worse, unnecessary. The truth is that their services can be beneficial to the building and to the owner.

Why the Aversion?

Before anything else, it is important that we address the issue on why people tend to hesitate calling the services of a pest professional. Most of the apprehension for pest containment services can be traced back to two reasons.


The work of a pest specialist can be viewed as an additional expense for homes and businesses. May think that removing the presence of pests is something that can be done with a few cans of insecticide and traps. Aside from that, there are instances when the removal of the presence of pests will indirectly cause damage to the structure.

However, it is important also to remember that letting pests run amok in the building will be costly in the long term. If left to their own devices, pests can cause you to spend more money repairing damages to the structure as well as treating injuries and illnesses that these animals can inflict to people.

Seeming Ineffectiveness

One other misconception with pest control is that it only deals with the current threat and not future ones. Even if the current problem is contained, what would stop pests from being attracted to the building and making a colony again later on?

The truth is that pest specialists do not deal only with containment but also prevention. Through inspections and consultation, they can help you come up with measures that will prevent future outbreaks from occurring in your home or business.

And with these out of the way, it’s time to look at the benefits that these specialists can offer to business and home owners.


  1. Disease Control and Prevention


Pests do not only bring with them physical damage to the building but also exposure to disease. Certain pests like rats, cockroaches, and flies carry diseases that are easily transmitted to humans and other animals if they come into contact with food, water, and even the ventilation.

Thus, by removing their presence from the building, their chances of spreading infectious diseases to the local area are minimized. Also, commercial pest control services are specialized in sterilizing the areas where these animals have set their nest or colony on. This way, any lingering biological hazard that these animals leave is neutralized.

  1. Structural Protection


The longer that pests roam around the building, the more severe the damage that they can inflict on it. There are certain pests that love to burrow through wood and chew through electrical cables that will wreak havoc to the building.

Also, their nests and colonies can block and pollute vital systems like ventilation and plumbing. By having these pests removed, the commercial and residential pest control service can prevent further damages to the structure.

This is also why homeowners should report the presence of pests as early as possible. Pest problems are often more manageable the smaller the infestation is.

  1. Allergy and Itch Reduction


Typically, small animals like fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes will bite humans which leads to all manner of skin irritations. Although not as severe as the other effects that pest infestation can bring, this will still pose a problem for everyone living inside that building. With the help of a pest specialist, the skins of everyone living in the building will get the reprieve that they need.

  1. More Effective Containment


No matter if you invest on industrial-grade pesticide or expensive traps, there is still the fact that these animals will still pose a considerable threat to you. Some animals like rats can adapt to your countermeasures while some species of insects have developed an immunity over certain poisons.

A pest specialist is not only armed with the right tools but also the right knowledge on how to deal with these creatures. From studying how they move, where they build their base on, and during which times they are the most active, these specialists know where to hit the problem where it hurts the most. With their help, a seemingly unstoppable infestation can be systematically reduced until nothing is left.

Typical Pest Types

What are the usual pests that invade homes and businesses? Below are some of the animals that have dealt a lot of damage to many buildings for years.

  1. Termites and Ants


This type of pest is quite potent due to their sheer population count and reproduction speed. A single queen can give birth to a functioning colony within a few weeks which can then deal considerable damage to wooden structures and electrical systems. Commercial pest control services tend to deal with termites the most in this category due to their tendency to eat wood fibers. 

  1. Rats and Mice


Similar to insects, these mammals reproduce quickly. They are active for a longer period throughout a single year. Their droppings can cause a number of serious diseases including asthma and their tendency to chew through cables can result in fire hazards.

  1. Cockroaches


A bit more resilient than other insects, cockroaches thrive in places that are warm like kitchens and wall cavities. They often come out in the dark in search for food and their presence often entails that any food matter in the area is already contaminated.

  1. Mosquitoes


The most active during summer and spring, mosquitoes carry a number of potent diseases like malaria and dengue within a single bite. However, they have shorter lifespans and are generally a threat where there are exposed sources of stagnant water such as gutters, and drainage canals.

  1. Large Animals


Although not as numerous as termites and rats per incident, animals like cats, badgers, and raccoons are tenacious and territorial. They will not hesitate to defend their dens and are particularly aggressive if provoked. Fortunately, many commercial and residential pest control services are trained to contain these animals humanely and then release them out into wild after capture.

If you are having issues with unwanted pest in your home or workplace, Fromm’s Pest Control has the tools and experience to eliminate any type of home invasive pests that show up in Arizona homes. Many are seasonal and because the owner of Fromms grew up Arizona, he’s knows when and what to use for eliminating household pests. Call or contact Fromm’s today for professional pest control services.

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