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April 22, 2019
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Termite Control


Whether it’s a preventive treatment or to eradicate termites call Fromms Pest control. We use the best products and there are a number of different approaches we can take to treat your home.Call today for a FREE INSPECTION

Subterrean termites are the most common termite in the Phoenix/Maricopa region. They are attracted by moisture (plumbing leaks, standing water against your home, ect. They will find their way inside your home through the smallest cracks in your foundation or they will come up through the expansion joints of the home. There can be up to 300,000 termites in one colony and there can be 3-5 colonies per acre.

Pre-Treatment Termite Applications

In the pre-treatment market no one compares to Fromms Pest Control.

Our licensed technicians will come out and treat during the grading stages of the new build to eliminate any termites. All of our pre-treatments come with a warranty as well.

Need a termite inspection

Need a termite inspection for the sale of a home.

We work with realtors all over the valley and get out to the homes very quickly and get you the reports the same day we do the inspection. Work with a licensed inspector that you can trust and is reliable. Call Fromms Pest Control today to set that up.

As a realtor have you ever lost a sale because the home had termites and it scared your buyer? Not anymore, with Fromms Pest Control we provide a solid barrier around your home to eliminate termites. With Fromms Pest Control Termite Warranty no buyer should be scared to buy a home that has termites. We communicate with your buyer that they can get the home of their dreams and rely on Fromms Pest Control to eradicate the termites.

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