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Spring Weed Control in Arizona

Spring Weeds Arizona
Spring time is a time where flowers start to bloom again. This is after the winter time wherein most plants and flowers cannot bloom due to the extreme cold condition.
Spring time especially in the desert is also a time where weeds start to grow. Weeds are plants that are considered undesirable in certain situations. Weeds are also called “a plant in the wrong place”. They are considered a “pest” as they cling to plants and flowers and get the nutrients meant for these plants.

In Arizona, there are many spring weeds. The following are the most common weeds that grow in Arizona:

This is a tough weed that grows in any kind of soil. This is the most common weed that homeowners encounter. Crabgrass is extremely difficult to control and remove.

Bur Clover
Clovers are believed to bring luck but bur clovers are far from being a lucky plant.  Bur clovers are small leafy plants that spread across the fields of Arizona and California. These little plants are difficult to remove. This is because of their sticky burs that disperse its seeds.

Puncture vine
Puncture vines are notorious weeds. This is because of their sharp and spiny burs. The burs are sharp that it not only hurt animal paws but can also puncture bike tires. These burs can also stick to shoes and clothes.
Puncture vines are common and can be seen along the walkways and the side of the road.

Bermuda Grass
Bermuda grass is common in landscaping businesses. They are good for making the lawn look good but they are also considered a weed.
Bermuda Grass grows quickly and rapidly. This is why they can easily overwhelm any yard. If they are left unkempt, they can be a nuisance.

Pigweeds are leafy and tall weeds. This weed is common and can be found all over the world.
Pigweeds are like other weeds that grow and die in a particular season. However, if this weed shows up, they can be a nuisance unless the homeowner takes action.

Wild oat
This weed has slender stalks that can grow up to 8-9 inches tall. They also have small flowering bristles on top of the stalks. These weeds also have thin and rough leaf blades. Their leaves are three to 8 inches long.
Wild oats are hard to control and get rid of because it requires little water to grow. They can also grow anywhere. Proper identification is necessary though as they resemble cultivated oats.

Barnyard Grass
These are weeds that have spikelet. Their spikelets can grow up to 2 inches tall and their flowering stalks can grow up to 4 feet long.
Barnyard grass spreads by seeds and a single plant can produce up to 30,000 to 40,000 grains. This is why if they are left unattended it is harder to contain.

Bristle grass
This is also known as green foxtail. This weed is easy to spot because of its spreading clumps. This weed can grow up to 3 feet in height. This weed survives in moist soil and flowers from June to December.
Arizona Annual and Perennial Blue Grass
This weed has bluish green leaves that are about 3-4 inches long. They also have bushy and green stems.
The perennial blue grass thrives from March to September. The annual bluegrass thrives in cooler temperatures.

Johnson grass
Johnson grass is one of the largest weeds in Arizona. This is a prohibited and noxious weed in the state. This is because it is a threat to agriculture.
This weed produces dense and large green leaf blades. It also grows up to 7 feet tall.   It is nearly impossible to eradicate as its underground stems can reach up to three feet into the dirt.
This weed is also hard to eradicate as its roots and underground stems can lay dormant for years. Johnson grass is a threat to agriculture as it has poisonous properties. If its normal growth is interrupted, the plant will release a cyanide type poison called hydrochloric acid.

How to control or get rid of Arizona Spring weeds
Weeds are a nuisance in a beautiful landscape, but you can control them with simple solutions and methods.

Vinegar Solution
This solution comprises of 2 tablespoon of liquid solution and 1-quart plastic bottle of white vinegar. Make sure to mix the solution thoroughly. Keep in mind not to shake it vigorously to prevent the soap from foaming too much.
Make sure to label the bottle clearly. Keep it in a dry and cool location that is not in a direct sunlight.  To use it, you may place some into a plastic spray bottle and spray it directly to the weed.
If the weeds are in very close proximity to the desirable plants, you may dab the solution with a sponge or a paintbrush to the weed. Make sure to coat all above-ground surfaces generously.
The solution may also be used during breezy weathers or when the temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Just inject the solution to the weed. For a best result, inject it into the ground where the weed is planted.

Chemical solutions
There are many products in the market that deals with weeds. There are products such as Post-Emergent solutions. This helps weaken the weed and makes it easier to remove.
This solutions gets rid of the weed by impeding the weed’s growth process.

Manual Labor
Weeds may also be removed by hand. Pull out the weeds safely and it will not affect the desirable plant. This is a good option as you pull the roots out with the weed. This is labor intensive though.

Professional help
Do It Yourself methods help landscapers and homeowners deal with their weed problem but seeking professional help is till much better.
Calling in the professionals may help save you money in the long run. Professionals have the right tools, right knowledge, much experience. They may also advice or suggest methods that may be a long term solution.
Give Fromms a call for your weed control needs.

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