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Termite Removal and Control in Arizona

Termites might be small but they can wreak havoc if left unchecked. These little creatures can eat through your furniture and wooden parts of your home. Termite removal is an important task if you want to keep the value of your house.

Termites live on wood. It’s not just their source of food but their shelter as well. So if you have some wooden furniture inside the house or around the garden, or wood materials in the garage, you need to watch out and do some termite control because these areas can be a source of termite infestation.

Termites can cause serious and costly damage on your property. These insects dig from inside the wood out so it may look normal at the outside. Holes and pathways on wooden surfaces mean there’s already a termite invasion in your house.

Termite infestation can also cause unwanted injuries. These insects can eat through chair or table legs and wooden platforms. Imagine the accident that could happen if people were to use these if they have been weakened by termites.

So what should you do when a termite invasion happens?

If you have experience dealing with termite infestation, you can make your own traps and it’s really quite easy. Get 5 to 6 pieces of cardboard and some sheets of paper. Wet them and put them near areas where termites can be found. Paper and cardboard have cellulose, which is part of the termites’ diet. The moisture caused by the water is conducive to the insects’ activity and life. Leave this contraption for a couple of days then check to see if the termites have built shelter inside the trap. Carry the traps while wearing gloves and burn them. Repeat as necessary. This method might not get rid of all the termites, but can prevent them from spreading.

Use Boric Acid
Boric acid is actually one of the most common DIY anti-termite solution used by homeowners for termite removal. To create the killing solution, mix propylene glycol with boric acid powder. Pour the solution into the damaged areas and termite nests you find in your house or furniture. This should deal with the problem effectively. Note though the importance of wearing gloves when dealing with boric acid because it can cause skin irritations. Boric acid can also be effective against ants and roaches.

Use Nematodes
Imagine what bacterial infections do to humans. That’s the same effect nematodes have on termites. They are very effective in stopping termite infestation and you can do it on your own. You can buy nematodes from the local garden depot.

When you spray nematodes on termite shelters, they release bacteria that is harmful to the invading insects. Nematodes can also infect the whole colony by burrowing on the carcass of dead termites. These worms are also effective against other bugs but are harmless to humans.

Expose Furniture to Sunlight
If you have furniture that has been infested by termites, take it out of the house and expose it to direct sunlight. Arizona has dry climate with very little precipitation throughout the year making this method useful.

Termites live in darkness as well as damp and cold environments. Exposing their habitat to the heat and light of the sun kills them. When the sun is out, take the furniture outside and let the sun do its job. It might take 2 to 3 days of sun exposure for this method to work. The sun exposure also works quite well with the cardboard trap, maximizing the effectiveness of both methods.

Freeze Them
If you live in a tropical area where sunshine is not always readily available, you can also employ the freezing method to kill the termites. Obviously, this method can only be used for small wooden furniture as long as it can fit inside the freezer. The extreme low temperature kills termites guaranteed. You can also use this method alternately with sun exposure as part of your termite control activity.

Get Professional Help
When all these DIY methods fail, it might be time to call the professionals at Fromm’s Pest Control. We are trained and better equipped in getting rid of any level of termite infestation.

Using chemicals for termite removal can be dangerous if not handled properly and without the proper application tools. These chemicals can kill entire colonies of termites in one sweep.

Professional termite killers can also use the spot microwave methods for small infested parts in your house that can’t be moved. All you need to do is call us for your termite control needs and we will come and perform a free termite inspection.


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