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Fromm's Pest control, removing pests in all of the Phoenix, Gilbert, and Scottsdale area.

Proudly serving you with great quality and service. We will come to your home and your business, for treatment of termites, ants, scorpions, rodents, bees, and bedbugs.


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We aim to be the best at all services we provide.

Fromm's Takes your business and home very seriously. We understand how uncomfortable you can be with an infestation. Let us come restore the comfort back into your day.

Call today and ask about our Free Termite Inspection!

Pests can be a real problem in Arizona throughout the year.

Some pests such as termites are worse during certain parts of the seasons such as fall and others like cock roaches can be a problem year-round.

Fromm’s Pest Control has 3 locations throughout the valley and can service any of your pest control needs.

With our Free Termite Inspections, you can have a piece of mind knowing if your home or business is safe from termites or if termite treatment needs to be done. Catching a termite infestation early is important so that the colony doesn’t get established and causes considerable damage to the buildings structure.

If you start to see signs of termites such as mud tubes, it’s time to get a professional to come out and perform a free termite inspection.

Scorpion Extermination

There are 4 common species of Scorpions in Arizona. They are The Arizona bark scorpion, Arizona stripe tail scorpion,  Arizona giant hairy scorpion and the yellow ground scorpion.

Of those 4, the bark scorpion is the one most people in the city and urban areas run into. For the most part, scorpion stings are not deadly how ever they can be painful and if you are allergic it may produce a life threatening reaction. This is why it’s important to have a reliable scorpion control plan in place.

Here at Fromms, we are scorpion control experts and know how to protect you and your home from a scorpion infestation. If you are seeing scorpions around your house and would like to get rid of them give is a call today!

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    Sarah WillKaren PagePatricia Davis
  • Fromm’s Pest Control took care of my scorpion issue that no other company had been able to do. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!!
    Sarah Will
    Sales & Marketing, Alien Pvt Ltd.
  • I had a bedbugs at my house and Fromms Pest Control came and eradicated my bedbug issue. Overall great service at an very reasonable price! 5 Star Service!!
    Karen Page
  • Fromms Pest Control is great! My technician always shows up on time, is very friendly and knowledge. Look no farther!!
    Patricia Davis

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