Bed Bugs
April 22, 2019
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Pest Control


BedBugs reproduce rapidly and can be a nightmare to get rid of on your own.

Bedbugs are great hitchhikers, they latch on to your clothes luggage or any of your belonging. Most common way to get bedbugs is while traveling. They commonly like to nest in the seams of your bedding, mattresses, furniture, outlet or any crack or crevasse near their host which is humans. They come out to feed typically at night when your a lying still sleeping. Feed off your blood and then go back to hiding once they are done feeding.


Scorpions are a venomous arthropods, they have eight legs and are commonly found in wood piles, under rocks and debris.

Scorpions are very popular is Arizona and are very hard to eradicate without hiring a profession. Scorpions can be very harmful and they are known for their venomous stinger. The bark scorpions are very common and are a smaller scorpion that is known to be very aggressive and dangerous to children and pets.


Earwigs have forcep like appendages and they are most commonly found under damp burlap. Earwigs feed on decaying matter and insects.


Crickets are typically found indoors. They love to feed on leather, paper, linen, cotton, rubber, and wood plastic.

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